SAI applies cutting edge technologies to challenging research problems in the field of public policy. We specialize in the study of behavior that is typically unobservable: criminal activity, illicit drug use, drug trafficking, money laundering and related phenomena. Advanced methods in mathematical modeling, statistical estimation, and computer simulation are brought to bear on problems often thought to be unsolvable by more conventional means.

Estimating the Size of An Illicit Drug Using Population

A relatively small number of individuals are responsible for the majority of drug-related health care and criminal justice system costs that are incurred each year. And the size of this population is therefore a key indicator of the success of national drug control efforts. Within this context SAI served as a major contractor to the Executive Office of the President, Office of National Drug Control Policy, and completed a ten year program of research involving the development of novel methods for monitoring the behavior of hidden drug-using populations.

Click to read Simeone R, Holland L and Viveros R "Estimating the Size of an Illicit Drug-Using Population", Statistics in Medicine, 2003, 22: 2969-2993

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Estimating Outbound Drug-Related Bulk Cash

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